Far Trader: The Casting Call

Posted on August, 1 at 10:46 pm

Production title: Far Trader:  Series 1
Production Type: Independent/amateur
Project length: Web-based series, 5-minute episodes
Production location: Whatcom County
Production Company: Wednesday Films
Director: Michael Dodd
Shooting Location: Whatcom County
Email: casting@fartrader.tv
- Refreshments on-set
- Finished copy of work in your preferred format (after air date)
- Experience

Schedule requests through casting@fartrader.tv
Requests sides at time of schedule
Location: 5160 Industrial Place, suite 103
Shooting Starts: TBD
Shooting Ends: TBD

Auditions are first come, first served.  Please bring a resume and head shot.

- At least 2 rehearsals between casting and shooting date
- Weekend film shoot scheduled between ___ and ____

“Far Trader” is a web-based science fiction/action adventure series that centers around the trials and tribulations of a starship crew trying to stay one step ahead of trouble in a universe full of danger.  The first series introduces the crew of the Dublin Mudslide as they return from a dangerous and semi-legal mission in a dangerous part of the sector and have to figure out how they’re going to stay alive and in the air when there seems to be danger around every turn.

We’re casting for brief parts, many of which are likely only appearing in the first series.  This is a no-budget production, but we will likely be able to provide refreshments.  We’re having a great time learning film making, and extra points will be awarded to people who are similarly excited and ready to have fun!  Further consideration given to fans of tabletop RPG’s

Character BIOS

[OMAR] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-45]
OMAR is an arms dealer who is more dangerous than he seems.  By looks he’s a goofy friendly hippie who smiles broadly and for little reason other than to be friendly, but his appearance belies a shrewd sense business acuity and a level of potential danger that is surprising to those that don’t see it coming. He is featured in one episode of the first series and is likely to return for series 2

A startown prostitute.  Laria has a free and organic sort of charisma-  she’s got a knack for making a guy feel like he’s the only one in the room, and she’s worth every penny.  She is compassionate and social as opposed to solicitous or tawdry.  Great hair earns bonus points.

[TRAGUS]  [GENDER: MALE]  [AGE: 30-40]
Tragus has a way of making people feel uneasy.  He’s a big operator on a small world.  He’s kind of greasy and unpleasant, but can be dangerous if underestimated.  Tragus is featured in two episodes of the first series, and is likely to return for series 2.  Filming will be on location, and will likely involve an action scene.

Like an air traffic controller.  His job is talking to starship captains on the radio.

Like the air traffic controller’s boss.  He spends a lot of time double checking his staff’s work for safety.

[THUG] / [GENDER: MALE] / 25-40
A big wall of muscle, brains optional.  His job is to hit people until someone tells him to stop.  Looking scary earns you extra points.

[BAD GUY] / [GENDER: MALE] / 25-40
He’s the guy who hired THUG.  He’s after information, and violence doesn’t bother him.

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